Why Are Lace Front Wigs So Famous? 


Why Are Lace Front Wigs So Famous?

lace front wigs

Wigs have been around for a long time. The Ancient Egyptians wore wigs to protect their shaved heads from the sun rays. The early wigs were made of wool, horse hair, and feathers. To bring it to 20th Century, Diana Ross was known for the different wigs she wore in her performances and on television. Much like Diana, Beyonce was also known for her balayage styled lace frontal wigs in the 2000s. Throughout the years, black women have worn various types wigs.  However, in recent years, the lace frontal wig has made a major comeback!  A lace front wig is a unique type of wig where synthetic or human hair is knotted by hair into a sheer piece of lace. There are full lace wigs13×4 lace13×6 lace, and 4×4 lace; which all are variations of a lace front wig.

Traditional Wigs vs Lace Frontal Wigs


Most people are starting to wear lace frontal wigs because of the how versatile they are compared to traditional wigs. Most traditional wigs are made with a heavy synthetic material, unlike lace fronts, where the hair is either human or a light weight synthetic material. Lace frontals tend to be more breathable than regular wigs. These human hair wigs can also be dyed and heat can be applied to it. Human hair wigs are often Brazilian and MalaysianBrazilian hair is a best seller because of how soft and thick it is, and its natural black color.

Traditional wigs are usually made in one style that can not be changed, while lace fronts have the ability to be worn as a middle part or a side part. Lace front wigs come in different textures like deep wavebody wave, straight, kinky straightwater waveloose wave, and afro texture hair. These human hair wigs can dyed, and the lace frontal synthetic wigs can come in an ombre color! Some of best selling wigs texture and quality are remy human hair, which is considered the best of the best. With remy human hair, the cuticles are often still intact. The hair goes in the same direction, which makes it look natural and prevents tangles and knots. Lace frontal wigs are usually 13 by 4 inches and 13 by 6 inches, while lace closure wigs are measured 4 by 4 inches and 6 by 6 inches. Lace wigs are sold online and in stores and human hair wigs are from anywhere between $30 and $500. Lace fronts can also be purchased styled! Most online shops sell bob wigscolored wigs, and even customize it for you.

The Various Types of Wigs


Other than lace frontal wigs, there have been a few other wig types getting attention. Headband wigs and U part wigs are also popular among individuals who are not skilled in applying lace fronts on. Headband wigs are wigs that have material in the front, where lace would be, and hair in the back. Headband wigs aren’t as versatile as lace fronts, but they more convenient and easier to install. To install this wig, natural hair needs to be pulled back and clipped in the back for security. U part wigs are much like lace fronts, but the top section of the wig is cut out, in the shape of an U, so some natural hair is out. This is more versatile than the headband wig, but it can lead to damage of the natural hair because of over styling with heat and/or chemicals. There are also wigs with an ‘invisible’ part that allows it to clipped onto braids without any natural hair out. This type of wig is less liked because it tends to look less natural than the other ones. Half wigs have also become popular amongst the community. A half wig is a wig that that only covers a portion of a person’s head, but it leaves a lot of natural hair out.

The Installation of Lace Frontal Wigs


The installation of lace frontal wigslace closure wigs, and full lace wigs has a ton of steps for it to look natural. The knots on the lace needs to be plucked and bleached. Sometimes a wig can be purchased pre-plucked and bleached, but these can be more expensive. The lace types of high quality include Transparent lace, HD lace, Swiss lace and Medium brown tinted lace are the different types of lace that are used for these wigs. Swiss lace is much softer than traditional lace, transparent lace is thinner that both, and HD lace is the most delicate of all laces and the least detectable. These types of lace are the best choice for the illusion of a natural hairline.

The very first step to a frontal wig install is to braid the natural hair back. The braids can be cornrows or the hair can be slicked back. However, cornrows allows the wig to sit closer to the scalp so it looks more natural. Most people prep the lace by bleaching it, so the knots on the lace appear to be invisible. Plucking the knots makes the hair line on the wig appear to be more natural looking. “Baby hairs” are thin, short hairs on a hairline and people often try to mimic this style on lace wigs. After the hair is braided down and the knots are plucked and bleached, the lace front wig needs to be secured! It can be glued down or it can be made into a glueless wig.

glueless wig is a wig that does not need to be glued down because it is made to fit on the head. Once it is glued down or secured, it is now time to cut the lace. Some individuals cut the lace before gluing it down, and either way works. The lace should be cut in a zig zag pattern instead of a straight pattern so the hairline looks natural. A common mistake people make is cutting the lace in a straight line; this makes the hairline look fake and noticeable.  At this point, the wig can be styled to desire. It can be straightened, curled, and/or cut! People usually cut baby hairs on the hairline so it can look more natural also.

Full lace wigs are a little harder to install because of the how much lace there is throughout the unit. A full lace wig, also known as a 360 lace wig, is a wig where the whole perimeter or whole head is covered with lace. These are the most expensive lace wigs of all because of how much lace covers the entire wig. Usually, a stronger glue is used to secure the full lace wig around the head. Wig caps can be worn under all types of wigs to protect the natural hair and it also creates another tinted layer, that resembles a natural scalp color. This wig can be styled in more ways than lace frontals, for example it can be put into a high ponytail or a high bun. It can be parted all the way down the middle and styled, similar to a vixen weave sew in.

The Advantages of Lace Frontal Wigs


The myriad advantages of lace part wigs makes all of the installation work worth it. These wigs protect the natural hair, allowing it grow because of low manipulation. Hair grows best when the ends are tucked away and protected, and wigs do that. There is a lace front wig out in the world that mimics any hair texture and color! There are kinky, curly human hair and kinky straight human hair which represents afro hair, or type 4 hair. While you can buy a wig in a natural color,  you can also buy one in an ombre color, a honey blonde color, a red color, and others. There are so many styles like asymmetrical bobs and layered hair that exist out there and can be created.

With a typical leave out sew in, where weave wefts are sewn into braids and a portion of hair is left out at the top for a natural look, heat damage can occur.  It can happen from constantly straightening it so it can match the texture of the weave, or chemical damage from perming the hair to keep it straight. Color damage can also happen, because of trying to blend with a colored weave or wanting to try a new color and bleaching your natural hair. However, a lace frontal wig prevents all of that! Most people love frontal wigs because of the protect of their natural hair. Avoiding damage is the most important part of this entire process.

Lace part wigs are so popular and famous because of its versatility. One setback is how expensive they are, especially if they are bought pre plucked, bleached and customized, but there are other options. Recently, brands like Sensationnel have created synthetic lace front wigs that resemble human hair wigs that are more affordable. They are lightweight unlike older versions and actually look natural. If taken care of properly, virgin human hair lace fronts can last a long time. Treating it like your own hair growing from your scalp by washing it, conditioning it and combing it can make it last for 1-2 years.

Wigs were once used as a necessity, however now it is a form of expression. There was a time where wigs were used to show ‘professionalism’, but now there are wigs that mimic the hair we aren’t supposed to have at work.The creativity of people who wear wigs and install them on others, have changed the game. From celebrity hair stylists to content creators, the installation of a lace part wig is not hard to grasp. Classes are taught and there are free classes on Youtube! Throughout the years the wig has changed, and it will keep changing. The lace frontal wig and every other type of wig will forever represent the creativity, confidence and freedom within people.

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